Solvang California Shopping Guide & Shop Directory

Quilts Galore
(805) 693-1028
Solvang Shopping
1582 Copenhagen Dr.
Solvang , CA

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(805) 688-6636
Santa Ynez Valley Shops and Boutiques * Gifts and Collectables
1697 Copenhagen Dr.
Solvang , CA

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Enjoy a great shopping experience in the beautiful town of Solvang. A variety of items from the country of Denmark to Quilts to Leather items. Solvang has it all with the charm to match your shopping experience.
Other Retail Stores :  
Aroma Shoppe/Aroma RX Inc.
466 Bell Street
Los Alamos CA 93440
Tel: 805 344 1314
Depot Mall and Pub
Bell Street
Los Alamos CA 93440
Tel: 805 344 3315
El Rancho Market
2886 Mission Drive
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805-688-4300
First Street Leather
1634 Copenhagen Drive
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805-688-5215
Forever Posh - Fine Accessories & Gifts
3583 Numancia St.
Santa Ynez CA 93460
Tel: 805-688-1444
House of Honeywood/Old Mission Wine Co.
1539 Mission Drive Unit A
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805 686 9323
Judith Hale Gallery
2890 & 2884 Grand Ave.
Los Olivos CA 93441
Tel: 805-688-1222
Los Olivos Grocery
2621 West Highway 154
Santa Ynez CA 93460
Tel: 805-688-5115
Mole Hole of Solvang
1656 Mission Drive
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805-688-7669
Olive House
1661 Mission Drive
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805-686-5159
Solvang Antique Center
486 First Street
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805-686-2322
Solvang Shoe Store, Inc.
1663 Copenhagen Dr.
Solvang CA 93463
Tel: 805-688-4065
Ace Hardware
Tel: 805-688-4191
Alisal Cellars
Tel: 805-686-4329
Angela's Stuff Store
Tel: 805-688-2671
Anna Femme Couture S
anta Ynez
Tel: 805 693 8050
Ark Gallery
Tel: 805-688-8109
Art for Living Gallery
Tel: 805 686 2005
Back at the Ranch
Tel: 805-693-0055
Bella Fiore Flowers & Gifts
Tel: 805-693-1111
Birkenstock Footwear
Tel: 805-688-7519
Book Loft
Tel: 805-688-6010
California Tease
Tel: 805-686-1172
Charlie's Play House
Tel: 805-688-0772
Clock Shop Jewelers
Tel: 805-688-5211
Cody Gallery Fine Art
Tel: 805-688-5083
Danedelion Hallmark
Tel: 805-688-6815
Depot Mall Antiques
Los Alamos
Tel: 805-344-3315
Tel: 805-686-5529
Downey's Dress Shop
Tel: 805-688-6100
Dutch Shop
Tel: 805-688-0498
Tel: 805-686-4671
Elna's Dress Shop
Tel: 805-688-4525
Epicurean Picnic
Family Coats Of Arms
Tel: 805-688-3040
Tel: 805-688-1557
Gallery Los Olivos
Tel: 805-688-7517
Tel: 805-686-5699
Gerlach Nature Photography
Tel: 805-693-0031
Harrison Hardware & Home Center
Tel: 805-688-4614
Ingeborg's Homemade Chocolates
Tel: 805-688-5612
Izod Factory Store
Tel: 805-688-5020
Jenger's Exclusive Expressions
Tel: 805-688-9379
Johnson's Jewel Box
Tel: 805-688-3080
Katrina's Trinket Shop
Tel: 805-688-9565
Kid's Club Outlet
Tel: 805-693-0075
Lang Store
Tel: 805-688-1036
Mystic Merchant
Tel: 805-693-1424
Oarlie's Antiques
Tel: 805-688-5027
Ole Pedersen Master Jeweler
Tel: 805-686-1856
Quilts Galore & More
Tel: 805-693-1028
Rasmussen's-Solvang Department Store
Tel: 805-688-6636
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Tel: 805-688-8823
Rolled Oats Pottery
Tel: 805-686-0266
Rolling Hills Garden Center
Tel: 805 688 7210
Royal Copenhagen Shop
Tel: 805-688-6660
Sage of Santa Ynez
Tel: 805-688-0955
Sandsone Studios
Tel: 805-693-9769
Santa Ynez Valley Florists
Tel: 805-688-4231
Secret Garden Salon
Tel: 805-693-1848
Shirt Gallery & Mad Hatter
Tel: 805-688-7579
Solvang Children's Shop
Tel: 805-688-6218
Solvang Gift & Souvenirs
Tel: 805-688-8545
Solvang Graphic Arts Gallery
Tel: 805-688-2025
Solvang Needlework
Tel: 805-688-6151
Solvang Toyland
Tel: 805-688-7577
Specialty Shop
Tel: 805-688-6840
Star Toy Company
Tel: 805-688-9905
Storybook Toys
Tel: 805-688-5307
Sunglass Hut-Solvang
Tel: 805-688-5455
Talowick Candle Factory
Tel: 805-688-3410
Tatiana Maria Gallery
Tel: 805-688-9622
That Special Look
Tel: 805-688-8191
Thomas Kinkade Gallery
Tel: 805-693-8739
Thumbelina Needlework Shop
Tel: 805-688-4136
Ugly Duckling Gift Shop
Tel: 805-688-7533
Victorian Gardens/Coach House Antiques
Tel: 805-686-5442
Village Spinning & Weaving Shop
Tel: 805-686-1192
Vinhus Ltd
Tel: 805-688-7117
Windmilll Gift Shop
Tel: 805-688-1930
Wishing Well
Tel: 805-688-6261

Petersen Inn
Solvang Lodging * Solvang Hotels in the Wine Country * Petersen Inn Hotel Information
Solvang's only 4 star hotel in downtown Solvang

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Royal Copenhagen Inn
Solvang Lodging * Solvang Hotels in the Wine Country * Royal Copenhagen Inn Hotel Information
The Royal Copenhagen will have you believing you have traveled to Denmark.

Solvang California Hotels* Hotels in Santa Ynez Valley * Royal Copenhagen Inn Online Reservations

Bestwestern King Frederik
Solvang Lodging * Solvang Hotels in the Wine Country * Bestwestern King Frederik Inn Hotel Information
The King Frederik Inn is nestled in the beautiful downtown Solvang.

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Peasoup Andersens
Solvang Lodging * Solvang Hotels in the Wine Country * Peasoup Andersens Hotel Information
Pea Soup Andersen's Inn at the gateway to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.

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